Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Apollo Ulrich

Yep... it's about the puppy again. One thing that we have learned for sure since having him is that a puppy will very nearly demand all of your attention...all the time.
Mostly because if you don't always watch him, it is inevitable that when you turn around he will have something in his mouth he shouldn't. No matter How much you try to keep things up off the ground.
He is also quite mouthy. He likes to chew on everything, including our hands, legs, arms, feet, and hair (if he can reach it.) Supposedly it will go away on its own around 16 weeks, we are doing our best to use the positive reinforcement method as everything we have read says that yelling and swatting will never work and only teach your puppy that you aren't trustworthy. Even though he will always love you no matter what. So we say a firm "no" or "no bite" and put a toy in his mouth. Unfortunately our skin must taste better because it's not working. Am I being to anxious for him to learn? It could very well be that this method takes longer than a week to learn. Does anyone have any advice?
Regardless of his relentless biting, with razor sharp puppy teeth... We love him. He is so cuddly (when he is sleepy)
Here are some pics of the cuddly Apollo. Enjoy!

Cute right?
He has also advanced very quickly and doing tricks. He now has come, down, sit, and jump. And we are working on Heel. He needs to be a good walker before he gets to big for me to hold back!!


  1. Work on the walking thing! We thought Silas would just learn as he got older, wrong-o. We'll be investing in some training classes soon!
    Sounds like you're doing the best you can with the mouthing! Silas went through a couple of "weird" phases- he barked at me nonstop for about 2 weeks. It was awesome. Then, one day, he just stopped. PS I hear you may be coming to Louisville?!?

  2. Yes we are! This weekend. Will you all be in town?!